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An Introduction

An Introduction to SPICE and Why We Need Your Help

Spoken English…giving hope and opportunity to rural Sri Lankan children

English is the global language. Competence in spoken English opens the door to opportunities otherwise simply unreachable to the poorest people in developing countries like Sri Lanka, and especially to those in rural communities. The ability to speak English unlocks jobs and educational resources, and can offer the first step out of the poverty and developmental traps that are the daily reality for so many.

What is SPICE?
SPICE stands for Speaking, Promoting and Involving Children in English. SPICE is registered with the Charity Commission of England & Wales and was established in 2009 to expand the spoken English programme, initiated in 2006, of SPICE’s partner charity, The Ruhuna Children Development Trust. View the latest Reports in the Media Section | View a video about Sri Lanka courtesy of You Tube

Who do we work with?
SPICE works in partnership with its sister charity, The Ruhuna Children Development Trust (RCDT), Tharunyata Hetak (A Future For The Youth) and The British Council.

How do we make a difference?
SPICE has developed its ‘Training the Trainers’ programme whereby qualified trainers (native English speakers; to date, primarily British) deliver courses in modern best teaching practice for spoken English. We work with teachers from rural schools throughout Sri Lanka, particularly in the former war zones. Following their initial intensive one-week programme, the teachers return to their villages and for the next phase of the programme, giving similar workshops to their fellow teachers in their districts schools with the support of SPICE. Often the teachers themselves are not fluent English speakers and the time spent with a native speaker can significantly improves their own skills, which greatly enhances their self-confidence.

What is the future vision for SPICE?
The opportunity to develop SPICE’s work is immense. Following-up with teachers who have attended a course is critical. The next phase will be to establish English Clubs in schools, arrange English Camps, set up an incentive scheme for the teachers who join the SPICE Team, Drama Competitions etc., all with a focus on engaging teachers and pupils in their study of spoken English. In time, we would hope to develop incentive schemes in partnership with Sri Lankan and international, banks and companies.

How can you help?
SPICE has to date relied on the support of its Trustees and several key donors to conduct 26 courses in total. We now need funds to increase the level of our activities – we plan two five-day total immersion courses in February 2015, with further courses being scheduled for late 2015 and 2016. The total cost of the two one-week programmes for 30 teachers, 2 British Trainers and the Project Director is estimated at £5,000 and we are seeking this funding now. As such we would be very grateful for a one-off donation, or commitment to regular payments, which you would be prepared to make. As the body of teachers with whom we are working develops we expect the intensity of our work to accelerate and your involvement as a founder donor will be very significant in enabling that growth. A standing order and Gift Aid form is attached and our Just Giving page is :-
http://www.justgiving.com/s-p-i-c-e .

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