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About The Founder

Mohan Samarasinhe, the Founder / Chairman of SPICE has been helping the poor and disadvantaged in rural Sri Lanka through his charity The Ruhuna Children Development Trust (RCDT) since 2002. Mohan was educated at the S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia and worked as a plantation manager prior to emigrating to the UK where he has had a long career in tax accounting and consultancy in London.
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Mohan has been a Local Authority Governor of Moss Hall Nursery in Barnet since 1998 and was a member of the Community Health Council of Barnet. Since 1996, Mohan has dedicated much of his time to Sri Lankan focused charity work. He founded successful charities including Action for Sri Lanka, The Ruhuna Children Development Trust, We Are One Sri Lanka, the Mullaitivu Friendship Development Foundation and SPICE.

Having successfully re-developed 10 neglected schools and establishing 17 Computer Centres in the Southern Province and assisting gifted rural children though a scholarship programme, RCDT embarked on a 'Training the Trainers' programme on Spoken English in 2006 with the help of TEFL. a qualified British trainers in the Southern Province. As the activities of RCDT were restricted to the South, SPICE was established shortly after the end of the war in 2009 to extend the programme to the former war zones in the North and East.

SPICE is a registered UK charity in England & Wales and qualifies for Gift Aid. The income of the Charity will be applied primarily to further the following objects;

  • Provide teacher training programmes on the methods of developing 'Spoken English' as a life skill in Sri Lanka and other Third World countries.
  • Provide the appropriate resources in schools and other educational establishments to supplement those provided by the Education Department of Sri Lanka for the teaching of English.
  • Provide assistance to teachers to further develop their skills in teaching 'Spoken English' in particular and the English language in general.
  • Promote links between foreign English speaking schools with those in Sri Lanka.

SPICE training programme consisting of 2 Day and 5 Day Workshops have been undertaken in by Alister Bredee (who has been an English Teacher in Thailand) and Mark J Durnford (a TEFL Trainer who with a wide experience in the UK, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and 7 other countries) in conjunction with the RCDT Programme which was initiated in 2006.

An average of 50 English teachers attend the workshops and these are followed-up with the trained teachers conducting mini-workshops with assistance from the SPICE trainers. Our plan is to conduct regular workshops three times each year (benefiting at least 150 English Teachers a year) and supplement HE The President's 2009 initiative to teach English as a Life Skill.

SPICE has been working with Tharunyata Hetak (A tomorrow for the youth) who have proved to be an excellent partner who has supported our work efficiently in arranging the workshops in conjunction with the regional education authorities as well as sharing some of the costs.

The SPICE Patrons and Board of Trustees are :
Patrons : John Field CMG, Sir Peter Heap
Trustees :
Mr Mohan Samarasinhe (Chairman), James Sleeman, Susan Marsh, Deidre Daish (Secretary), Thomas Cella


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